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Rodrigo del Toro, crossbowman

Here we are a new model from Castile in the Dark, Rodrigo del Toro, now avariable at our online store! With his crossbow and cape, this models looks like a rude warrior.


Martin of Pamplona, Pre Order.

Today we bring our first pre order model out of Kickstarter campaigns!!! It is Martin of Pamplona on horse and on foot. A Great character who brings back great memories.


A new season

Hello guys, we have some news! Now that our last crowdfunding is finished it is time to think about the future. A new campaign, new range of miniatures, shows, …


Sisters of Serens

Sisters of Serens have arrived, implacable faith  warriors in a dark world. We show up these great miniatures to play Mordheim City of Damned, Frostgrave or others skirmish games. Now avariable in our online store.


Warband & Lastsword

Warband Miniatures & LastSword going to work together, designing, scultping and selling new miniatures for your favourites 32mm games.


The Ruined Hall painted

The ruined hall is our new building that we add to our scenery collection. Although now ew are really busy with our Elven lords campaign, we can not wait to play Mordheim (Empire in flames) with our new house. To celebrate it, we have added a new scenery pack with all our ruined house in the kickstarter campaign.


Stone Fireplace

A fireplace is a great element into a house. Today we show up how we scult a hearth for our Mordheim ruined houses.


Botánicvs Imperialis: Resin trees

Tree, wood, forest. Would like to increase our scenery element to play Warhammer fantasy, Kings of war, Mordheim (Empire in flames), Frostgrave, etc. So we sculpted a new trees with something special.