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Rodrigo del Toro, crossbowman

Here we are a new model from Castile in the Dark, Rodrigo del Toro, now avariable at our online store! With his crossbow and cape, this models looks like a rude warrior.


Juan I of Aragon painted

Juan I of Aragón  in all his glory! This undead miniature looks amazing painted and even can be play as a breton knight with the full helmet! We have taken some pictures and a 360º video!


Guifredo the troubadour, painted

Guifredo, the troubadour will play for us the last song. A song to say goodbye, a song to say take care, a song to say thank you all for this amazing trip. Last 24 hours for our Undead campaign on Kickstarter, The Fallen County of Ampurias.


Skeleton Musician painted

Two days left before the party ends, but the music is still on!!! Skeleton Musician is one of the Command Group members that you can get with all our Skeleton Warriors Regiment.


Galliard of Galliners painted

Galliard of Galliners… or the Chicken Knight, whatever. Another excellent character of our undead campaign on kickstarter. This Wight Knight has been painted by Giye and you can see al details in our 360º video!


Skeleton Warrior Officer, painted

Skeleton Warrior Officer painted is our miniature for today, but as today is satuyday let’s go with a “fast” update! We have taken some pictures and a 360º of this undead model painted by Giye.


Painted Skeleton Warriors with spear

Finally we get it! We have new pictures of our Skeleton Warrios for our Undead campaign on Kickstarter, The Fallen County of Ampurias. Take a sit and watch our 360º video.


Guifredo, The Undead Troubadour

Guifredo is an uncommon model. This troubadour can be the center of any narrative campaign or can be use as a necromancer… who knows just think about the possibilities.